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Based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Najinder Singh Devgun at NSD Wills and Estates offers professional guidance, based on your personal circumstances and provides a cost-effective Will drafting and Estate planning service to protect the assets you’ve worked hard for.

We write the legal documents you need for peace of mind that your wishes have been recorded and will be handled throughout your lifetime.

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Personable and professional, NSD Wills and Estates will provide you with the Estate planning you need at the right price.

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Focussed on our clients

At the core of NSD Wills and Estates’ service is our attitude to client care. We engage directly with clients in a way that suits, by home visits or over the phone, explaining the process and your options simply and communicating with you regularly, whilst ensuring the product you receive fits your requirements.

Whether you require a standard solution or a more bespoke product, each service we offer is provided on a competitive fixed fee basis. We assess your needs, then advise and present the most suitable recommendations for you so that you can choose the right option.

Najinder, a previously qualified and experienced solicitor, will personally provide you with Wills and Estate planning to protect your financial and emotional legacy. NSD Wills and Estates is also a member of the Society of Will Writers, and we hold professional indemnity insurance.



NSD Wills and Estates offer a Will or Mirror Will drafting service, as well as updating your current Will. A Will is important and NSDWE ensures that your Will complies with all legal requirements. Our service also ensures your instructions are clear and will be carried out after you’re gone. To talk to us about drafting a Will, see our Contact page.

What is a Will?

A Will is a valid declaration of a person’s wishes (Testator) to be carried out by another named person (Executor) following their death, a Mirror Will is a Will where the same terms are expressed between spouses, which ensures their mutual interests are met.

A Will is typically drafted to direct the distribution of the deceased’s net assets (Estate) to the chosen heirs (Beneficiaries), but it can also be used to illustrate Guardian(s) of the deceased’s children and funeral arrangements. To learn more about Wills, download our Fact Sheet below.


NSD Wills and Estates offer different types of Trusts. The kind of trust you choose depends on what you want it to do. To talk to us about arranging a Trust, see our Contact page.

What is a Trust?

A Trust is a formal transfer of assets from one person (Settlor) to another (Trustee). The Trustee is legally bound to look after the assets for those who are chosen by the Settlor to benefit (Beneficiaries). The Settlor gives up legal ownership of the assets by putting them in a Trust, but the Trustee must follow the Settlors wishes to manage the Trust responsibly, putting the interests of the Beneficiaries above anything else. The details of the arrangement are laid out in a Trust Deed document and the assets placed in the trust are called the Trust Fund. To find out more about Trusts, download our Fact Sheet below.

Lasting Power of Attorney

There are two main categories of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA); Health and Welfare, and Property and Finance. NSD Wills and Estates offer both. We also offer bespoke business asset LPAs, which can be used to protect your business in the event that you lose capacity. To talk to us about writing an LPA, see our Contact page.

What is an LPA?

An LPA is a legal document which allows a person (Donor) to nominate someone (Attorney) to make decisions on the Donor’s behalf and deal with their affairs in the event that they lose mental capacity. The Attorney must always act in the Donor’s best interests. To learn more about LPAs, download our Fact Sheet below.

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“My wife and I used NSD Wills & Estates to produce a will, tailored for our needs. They provided a fast, friendly and efficient service at a very competitive price. I would definitely recommend them to our family and friends.”

Mr J, Manchester

“Excellent service and answered queries promptly”

Mr W, Leeds

“I have already recommended Najinder to one friend only days after concluding our Will with him. His knowledge, understanding and patience was second to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone else that needs services like those that he offers.”

Anon, London

“Thank you Najinder. I thought that my will requirements were complicated - but you listened to what I wanted, understood, patiently explained and clarified the legal jargon and then wrote me a will which ticked every single one of my boxes in a clear way. Your determination to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted was evident. I was particularly pleased that you were more interested in getting in right rather than charging for anything and everything that you could.”

Mrs M, Bradford

“NSD Wills & Estates was recommended to us after looking at many other service providers. We had excellent professional advice from Najinder which helped us to make the right choice for our needs. Mr. Devgun was prompt at appointments and efficient with his service. He explained all the legal terms clearly. After receiving all the documents he prepared, I had a few enquiries which he promptly dealt with. They are very competitive in price and we definitely would recommend to others.”

Mr D, Bradford

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